Little Sprouts at Six Forks' preschool day begins at 9:30 am and ends at 1:15pm


Each child is responsible for bringing their own snack and lunch to school.


We follow Wake County's inclement weather policy - if Wake County is closed, Little Sprouts is closed.  If Wake County is on a delay, Little Sprouts is delayed an equal amount of time.



We believe in learning through play and want to ensure our students have the opportunity to prepare themselves academically, socially and physically.  Our students are learning in preschool while having fun!


Weather permitting, each class spends time outside each day.




Kids in Preschool

Welcome to Little Sprouts at Six Forks, formerly known as Windborne United Methodist Preschool. We believe that preschool is a place for children to learn though playing, exploring, and creating. This helps children develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Our goal is an extension of the mission of the Church at Six Forks: “uniting God's children to experience and share the joy of God's love”. Our preschool staff is dedicated to supporting each child and their family as they grow in a Christ-centered environment.


At Little Sprouts at Six Forks, our North Raleigh Preschool offers a half-day program for children twelve months through five years. Our program begins after Labor Day through through late May, and

the school day is from 9:30 am to 1:15 pm.

All children bring their own lunch and snack to school.


We would love to show you around our school - please contact us for more information or for a tour!

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